Muffle furnaces with a temperature from 1100 to 1820 degrees

Temperature: 1100-1820 degrees

Any size of working chamber

Delivery to any country

Select the temperature of the muffle furnace.

Temperature 1200 degree
Temperature 1300 degree
Temperature 1400 degree
Temperature 1450 degree
Temperature 1600 degree
Temperature 1650 degree
Temperature 1700 degree
Temperature 1750 degree
Temperature 1800 degree
Temperature 1820 degree

Select the size of the working chamber

We make any camera sizes

We make muffle furnaces according to your size.
Select the heating temperature, say the dimensions of the camera. We will make for you a stove in a short time

Additional equipment

Arrangement of heating elements from four sides

Connecting to a computer (software)

Spare heating elements

Shipping worldwide

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Main office: St. Petersburg, Kolomyazhsky Avenue, 26

Factory: Chelyabinsk city, Chelyabinsk, Lenin Avenue, 3

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